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How to Cool Down Your Patio

9th June, 2016

Installing a new patio to your home is an excellent way of making the most of the outdoors, whether you are planning on using the space for activities, a carport or to simply enjoy some time in the shade. When the weather gets hot and sticky though, it can become quite warm even in the shade, so you might want to look at options for cooling down your patio space so you can enjoy it even more! Thankfully Stratco has thought of everything for you, and has developed a variety of different climate control options for cooling down your patio.

Stratco Cooldek Insulated Panels

The clever Inuit peoples have long used the insulation effect to create warm igloo spaces to live, and since the 1980’s people have been insulating their homes to assist with climate control, in both heating and cooling their homes. The Stratco Cooldek Insulated Patio system takes this method to a new level with an innovative climate control solution for your patio. The Cooldek cladding option is installed instead of regular roofing panels on your Stratco insulated patio to keep cool air in when it is warm outside. This not only cools down the space considerably, saving you money on cooling costs to the area, but also keeps the inside of your home cooler by providing a pocket of cool air in the patio area.

Stratco Ambient Blinds

Another innovative option for patio insulation is the installation of Stratco patio blinds which also act to trap in the cool air, while keeping out the warm summer heat. Used in conjunction with insulated panels, the patio blinds provide excellent climate control for your patio area without needing to use an air conditioning unit, which both saves you money, and reduces your carbon footprint.

Ceiling Fans

The humble ceiling fan is an excellent way of adding some movement to the air to keep it from stagnating during those warm summer days. All Stratco Patio’s can also be fitted with ceiling fans to circulate the air in the area which can also assist with keeping the space cool all year around.

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