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How To Tell If Your Metal Roof Needs Replacing

9th June, 2016

For most people it is easy to remember to keep up to date with general building maintenance because the things that need doing are glaring them in the face every day. But when it comes to the roof area, often this is a place that is neglected because it’s out of sight, and therefore, out of mind. The only time we really see our roof is from a distance during those odd moments while we are in the process of doing other things, such as reversing out of the driveway, or working on something else.

Regular Checks

The issue with leaving your roof health as an unknown is that the only way you may find out that it needs repairing is when there is something really noticeable which often becomes costly to repair. The best way to ensure that your metal roof is in good working order is to have regular inspections, twice a year, to check out the state of it and do the small repairs along the way.

Interior Check

When having your roof inspected there are a number of different areas that will be looked at to provide clues as to where possible maintenance may be required and what needs to be done. The inspection will involve both an interior and an exterior check. Keeping an eye on the interior areas of the house can include looking for places where the roof is sagging, signs of leaking and water damage, dark trails or spots on the interior walls and light showing through the ceiling.

Exterior Check

An exterior check will involve getting up on the metal roof, and doing an extensive inspection of the roof, guttering and other areas of the building to provide a clear picture about what is going on in the roof. Learn more about what is involved in an exterior roof inspection.

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