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Roof Insulation

9th June, 2016

What are the benefits of roof insulation?

Summer is creeping closer and closer and if you have never experienced a QLD summer, we can definitely tell you that it gets HOT. The sun can be intense and everything it hits (including car steering wheels, ouch!) soaks up this heat.  The roof on your house goes through a lot, and the hot summer sun is just one of these. Unfortunately, if you don’t have good roof insulation in your home it can result in all the heat that it consumes seeping into your home. Sure, air conditioning may seem like the be all and end all answer to this problem….but did you know that having insulation in your home will actually make your air conditioner more efficient at power usage and friendly on the bank account! Not to mention less power used means less greenhouse gas emissions. Without insulation, you are likely to lose up to 45% of the air conditioners energy via the roof.

Keeping your home a comfortable temperate is not the only benefit that having insulation will give you. It helps keep the moisture and condensation inside the home to a minimum, meaning you are less likely to have dampness that causes mould! And as we probably all know, with our summer heat and storms, comes high humidity. There is a third benefit also; insulation helps with noise travelling from outside and even from room to room. Good insulation will completely sound proof the home!

How does it work?

There are two ways that heat is transferred:

Convection: When two temperatures mix together and end up the same temperature. An example of this is when hot water is mixed with cold water, through convection they mix together and end up being warm.

Conduction: The transfer of heat between substances that are in direct contact with each other. An example of this is water boiling in a pan.

Air is a really bad conductor and a really good convector. This means that when the hot air from outside gets inside, it mixes with the indoor temperature which means it increases. Insulation is made of fluffy fibrous materials that are good at trapping air in it. As we said, air is a bad conductor so this process traps the air which reduces the amount of conduction going on. So to put it simply: insulation traps air inside itself, in order to stop the outside air warming the inside temperature and uses this trapped air to stop conducting hot or cold temperatures.

Whether you care how it actually works or not, it is a really useful and important product to have put in your home. The benefits speak for themselves! Are you wanting to get insulation in your home for this summer? Mid December is when our suppliers stop taking orders, you better get a wriggle on and contact us!

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