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Patio decoration – Christmas Edition

9th June, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a blog giving you ideas on easy, budget friendly patio decoration. We have been noticing in the shopping centres recently something has changed. Christmas! Every store seems to be filled with Christmas music, decorations and decor and this brought on a question in our patio loving heads. How can a patio be transformed into the ultimate Christmas holiday entertaining area? With a week until December, we thought it was the perfect time to theme a blog around this. So we did some brainstorming and have put together some ideas for a budget friendly outdoor Christmas entertaining area. Like we explained in our previous Patio Decoration blog, there are three stages you should always be going through when doing up any area of your house. These are Plan, Shop and Decorate. We will go through all of these steps with you in relation to creating your Christmas entertaining area.

Planning your Patio Decoration

This is always an important step, but in this case it is specifically crucial because many of us will actually have old Christmas decorations lying around from previous years. So dig into the back corner of the garage, climb up to the top shelf of the hallway cupboard, check under the bed in the spare room and find any old decorative materials you may already have. This should be the first thing you do! So then you can decide what decorations you need for inside your house for the tree etc, then you have the rest to play with!  If you did have some spare decorations, you can now plan what you are going to do with them and what you will need to add to get the look you want. It is okay if you don’t have any from previous years, that is what the shop step is for! Along with purchasing items, you may want to get creative and make some of your own!

Shopping for your Patio Decoration

For the examples in this blog, we have sourced prices and products from K-mart Australia. We found many cheap options that they offer, but if you don’t have one near you, Big W or Target will have similar items for similar prices. We set ourselves a budget of $150 for the sake of this budget friendly blog, to do some pretend shopping on the Kmart website. We easily kept within the $150 budget. All of these entertaining and decorative pieces only added up to $142.50! And I have to say, if you used all of these in one patio – you would definitely have one awesome Christmas themed area!


Now is the fun part! You get to use all the stuff that you spent your money on and make your planning come to life.

  • Have a craft day with the kids (or some friends and a few drinks) and make all your home made decorations!
  • Fill a large bowl with baubles and decorations – great Christmas centre piece!
  • Hang up your bead garlands and tinsel around your patio area
  • Throw on the chair covers and table cloth
  • Hang your stockings (and start filling them!

    Most of all – Get creative! Make your patio area decorating as fun as possible, there really are no rules.

Just a little reminder – if you don’t yet have a patio to decorate and want one, there is still time left for you to sign up for our $500 gift card per patio deal! Perfect timing for some help with Christmas presents. Contact us for more information.

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