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What is the Difference Between a Patio and a Pergola?

9th June, 2016

When looking to extend your home or utilise more of the space on your property, adding to outdoor spaces with a garden structure of some sort, such as a new patio or new pergola is an excellent way of doing this. Choosing what sort of area you want to add to your home can be both exciting and daunting, unless you are clear about what is available, what you want, and what to ask for. Often people are confused about the names of the different garden structures and what each entails, so it makes sense to have this information before you start, so you can make the right decision for your needs.


Essentially, a pergola is an unroofed structure, which can be left open, or covered with a material, such as a shade cloth. A Stratco Pergola is the perfect option if you already have enough covered spaces to enjoy when it rains, but are looking for an open-air area that allows in lots of light and air. Another material available to install as a cover option on your new pergola Brisbane is the unique Stratco Shade Blade and Sunroof systems, which let in light and air while providing some shelter from the sun.


A patio is a structure with an impermeable roof, such as the strong and durable Stratco Patio system which is available in a variety of different designs to complement the surrounding buildings. These include the Stratco Flat, Gable, Curved, Gazebo & Hip and Heritage Gable designs. A patio needs to be built sturdy enough to withhold wind load, which is counteracted by the weight of it, and Stratco products are the strongest available as all incorporate the sturdy Stratco Deck design. The Stratco Deck is a steel roofing sheet with a smooth finished underside resembling a ceiling, so your new patio Brisbane will provide an enclosed undercover area that really feels like an extension of the inside of your house.   So if you are looking for a quality designed and installed patio or pergola and you live in Brisbane, or the Sunshine Coast – or beyond.. we would love to hear from you!

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