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Professional Roof Inspection Reports in SE Queensland

9th June, 2016

So you’re either considering buying a new house or you’re considering whether it’s worth getting a new roof installed.

Most of requests for roof inspection reports we receive come from prospective property buyers who are doing their due diligence after they have contracted the services of a building & pest inspector. Sometimes we also get real estate agents calling us to estimate the cost of a new roof if the current roof is flawed as their are assisting their client get the best possible price.

Either way, with independent information regarding the condition of the current roof at your fingertips is power in your hands to do with what you will.

Independent Roof Inspection Reports

A roof inspection can include both an interior and an exterior inspection.

Interior Inspection

The interior roof inspection will provide clues as to areas where the roof might be in need of repair, and places in the house where water might be getting in. Signs of water damage on the interior walls will point to places where the roof might be in need of repair.

Exterior Inspection

The only way to really get a clear idea about what is going on with your roof is to get up there and walk the roof to look for issues and places where it needs repairing. This will assist in identifying whether the roof is able to be repaired, or needs to be replaced. Due to the safety risks involved in getting up on a roof, especially if it is wet or slippery, you need to get it inspected by a registered expert who will be able to report back to you on what needs to be done. We do hundreds of these every single year.

Some of the things we look at and analyse

Panel Corrosion

One of the main issues with the older roofs is panel corrosion, chips and cracks which happens over time due to the roofs exposure to environmental factors and general trauma. Deterioration of the roof panels can be a common cause of roof leakage and happens due to the natural expanding and contracting of the panels, traffic on the roof and weather factors such as strong winds.

Deteriorated Fasteners

Roof panels are commonly attached to the roof via panel fasteners which contain sealing washers to prevent water getting underneath the panel. Over time, and due to ultraviolet light, panel movement and other environmental factors, these washers may become corroded or the fastener holes may elongate which can make them more susceptible to deterioration.

Structural Factors

A roof is the part of the building that is exposed to the elements so there are a number of different factors which could contribute to it deteriorating over time. For example, if your foundations are failing, this will in turn affect the structural support which can place stress on your roof. For peace of mind regular inspections by one of our roof reporting experts will ensure that you stay on top of maintenance to prevent deterioration to the point where the roof needs to be replaced. Newer metal roofs are made (and installed) with materials that are better equipped to cope with environmental and other factors.

Organising a Roof Inspection Report

Generally speaking, most home owners approach us after their building inspector recommends they get further inspection done on their roof. Often the building inspectors will avoid going onto the roof due to safety concerns, so will view your roof from afar. If they are concerned about its integrity they will recommend you call someone like us for an expert opinion.

How much does a roof inspection report cost?

For a small, refundable* fee we can perform this report for you. Some companies might do this for free, but suspiciously, they’ll often recommend some kind of roof works 100% of the time. We’ll independently review your roof and should your roof need further works by us, any of our inspection costs are fully refundable. The inspection should take under 1 hour. Contact us to book in as this service is in high demand. We service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Somerset, Toowomba and Gold Coast regions.

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