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How Much Does a New Colorbond Roof Cost?

The final cost of a new metal Colorbond roof can vary quite considerably. The major factors which will affect the final cost will often be all the things apart from the cost of the sheet material itself. Building regulations in Queensland apply to roofing structures and if we find structural issues with your roof these may need to be rectified before the new roof is installed. With that said, the total area of your roof (square meters) will affect the material costs along with any supporting gutters, down-pipes and fascia work.

By filling in the information below we can give you a pretty accurate guide as to the price of a new Colorbond roof for residents in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and surrounding South East Queensland areas.

$14 582
based on 289 jobs
$35 487
$10 185 - $22 874

Detailed Quote

    When do you need the work to start?
    ASAPNext few daysWeeksI’m fliexibleOther

    Residential or commercial job?

    Type of roofing job
    New roofRoof restorationOther

    Current roofing material
    Colorbond / MetalTilesSlateBitumenDecramasticOther

    Approximate dwelling size
    Less than 50 sqm50-100 sqm100-200 sqmMore than 200 sqmNot sure

    How many stories is your dwelling?
    Single storeyDouble storeyThree stories or higherOther

    Under $1 000$1 000-$10 000$10 000-$20 000More than $20 000Not sure

    What is the status of your job?
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    How it works

    It’s difficult to give you an exact price because everyone’s roof is different. There’s a lot of factors that can increase or lower the total cost for a new metal roof. These can include: the roof support structures, guttering, fascia, soffit, total roof area, accessibility, material choice/finish etc.

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