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Decramastic Roofs

This roofing material is very rarely used now. On this page you should find everything you need to know about this roof type and options for repair or replacement.

How do you know if you have a Decramastic Tiled Roof?

If your roof looks like the pictures below then it’s almost certainly a decramastic roof. From a distance they almost look like a normal clay tile until you look closely. They will bend and dent, unlike a fired tile roof.

Repairing or Restoring a Decramastic Roof

If you have damaged decramastic roof tiles, we can assist you with getting your roof back into good working order by replacing your rotting or decaying roof or roofing materials. Damaged decramastic roofing needs to be replaced as it can’t be adequately repaired.

Decramastic Tile Suppliers in Australia

As we mentioned before, due to high material and maintenance costs, it’s often a more economical option in the long run to replace your decramastic roof with a new Colorbond roof instead. There are very few manufacturers or suppliers of tiles and finding a colour or size match now is almost impossible. They simply aren’t vogue anymore and the market demand is not there to warrant many suppliers from stocking the product.

Replacing a Decramastic Tile Roof

By far the most popular replacement for decramastic tiled roofs is a metal roof i.e. Colorbond. Typically, the existing roof structure has not been engineered to support the weight of a ceramic/clay tiled roofs. Colorbond metal roofing is the best option to add decades of life to your home, safeguarding it for many years to come while adding considerable value to your home.
In our many years of experience in the roofing industry we have replaced decramastic roof tiles in homes across the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Somerset, Toowoomba and Chinchilla. We can offer expert advice on the best option for a failing decromastic roof.

Pictures of Decramastic Roof Replacements We’ve Done

Below you’ll see a decramastic tiled roof in a dark grey colour which needed replacing. Here you’ll see the process we go through in order to replace it with a corrugated iron roof (in this case a Colorbond roof). The old tiles are removed, battens are checked for their structural integrity at this time before any additional supports are installed. Then the new Colorbond sheeting is secured with complimentary caps, coverings and guttering.

Latest Decramastic Roof Replacement Job

This is a more detailed picture of another job where the tiles were in a state of disrepair and the homeowner wanted to colour match a new Colorbond roof as a replacement similar to the job above. You can see how nice the finished product is and durability-wise this Colorbond roof is going to last 15-30 years before this homeowner will have to look at repairs or replacement.

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