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Emergency Roof Repairs

If you’re a homeowner living in South East Queensland you will be aware that seasonal storms are upon us. This is the time of year when Mother Nature unleashes her fury causing damage to our roofs. It is important to know how to proceed in the event a tree has fallen or you have storm damage requiring emergency roof repair.

Most homeowners will eventually be faced with repairs or emergency roof replacements no matter what kind of roofing they have. Even the sturdiest metal roof can suffer storm and hail damage. A damaged roof is no longer weather-proof and may be vulnerable to damaging wind and rain, allowing moisture and wind into the structure, so any repairs should be taken care of straight away.

Inspect Your Roof

If you have experienced severe storms with high winds or hail you should check your roof for damage. Whether you have a tiled roof, a Colourbond roof or metal roof you need to find out if it’s damaged as quickly as possible. A storm damaged roof can result in structural problems if left unchecked.

You should check your roof once a year as a general rule and also after storms. Look for any obvious damage and if you detect anything out of the ordinary call in the experts. It will save you money and avoid serious issues down the track.
Walking on the roof can be dangerous so ultimately it is probably best to have a metal roofing company inspect your roof for damage. Also most homeowners cannot accurately assess the actual damage to their roof so it really is a good idea to have a professional inspection if you suspect damage.

Do a Preliminary Check

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and have a good look at the shape of the roof. If it appears to be sagging or misshapen it may indicate problems with the supporting roof structure. Also check your ceilings and walls for any signs of water damage. mould or cracked or warped material may also expose leaks.

Get Your Roof Repaired

If you think your roof requires repairs get onto it immediately. It is always best to have an expert do the job as your roof protects your entire home and needs to be installed correctly. Ask your roofing contractor about warranties on material and workmanship.

If your roof requires temporary protection until it can be fixed properly, tarps can be strung over your home to make sure it is weatherproof. In the event of cyclones or other extreme weather events, contractors may be tied up for weeks and even months so emergency measures may need to be taken.


Insurance against storm and weather damage is essential in our climate. If insurance repair is required your contractor will need to carry out an inspection and report of the damage so an an accurate insurance assessment can be made for insurance roof repairs. Ring your insurance company immediately to get the ball rolling.

The important thing is not to panic. Act quickly and decisively and your roof will be ship-shape in no time.

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