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Gutter Protection

A key to preserving your commercial or residential property is maintaining your roof and gutters. If you would like to read our blog all about roof maintenance you can click here.

Gutter protection QLD – Why is it Important?

Gutter protection is paramount in maintaining a roof and gutter that effectively protects your home. Gutters have an important job of carrying storm water away from the property and into drains. When there are no gutter protection systems in place, your property or home are introduced to a risk of water damage. With gutter protection risks such as leaf litter, ozone, pest and vermin, more frequent need for maintanence, extreme temperatures and storm damage appear. Preventing all of these things will ultimately make your roof stay in better condition and last much longer.

What do we offer?

Hats for Houses offers two types of guttering protection:

Gutter Guard Protection Meshing

Mesh gutter protection is designed to prevent leaf and other debris from clogging your gutter system. The meshing we use forms a physical barrier to this debris, effectively preventing leaf build-up which can affect the functioning of your gutters.

The mesh is usually non-combustible steel or aluminium, manufactured with zinc coating and corrosion resistant. This new leaf shield gutter protection design is perfect for combatting litter build-up which can lead to flooding and water entering your wall cavities. It is important to have this in place to prevent litter build-up prior to storm season.

Synthetic Gutter Lining – Butynol

The other form of gutter-guard protection is a synthetic rubber lining added to your gutter. This product is specifically designed to fight against the erosion of your gutter and repel heat, sun and dirt from damaging your gutters and down pipes. The Butynol synthetic lining is designed to combat against the damages of water and moisture-vapour damage, heat, frost and other problems caused by the ozone. This flexible, man-made rubber membrane is an advanced gutter protection system with the capability to repel acid, chemicals and other bacteria. This lining is typically used for roofing gutters, external balconies and deck gutter linings, making it an excellent choice for gutter-guard protection.

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