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Along with a good quality roof, home insulation is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when it comes to climate control in your home. Insulation plays a huge role in reducing power costs and energy consumption, acting as a barrier to temperature, sound, and moisture. The benefits of installing home insulation far outweighs any drawbacks (if you can find one!). Around 40% of the average home’s energy cost will go towards heating and cooling systems, adding something that can reduce these costs makes a lot of sense. In fact having insulation will actually sometimes make use of these systems less necessary. Insulation for homes in QLD is so important because of the variety of different temperatures and weather conditions that we experience.

What is Insulation?

The definition of insulation is “to maintain a barrier against heat, cool and sound”, so home insulation does these very things for your home. It will be kept cooler on hot days, warmer on cold days, and it will shield it from noises outside. The material that insulation is made of has millions of pockets of air that create still-air, which stops temperatures from outside entering your home or building, as well as ensuring the heating or cooling being generated inside won’t exit either. Along with the regulation of temperature, home insulation has properties which will repel moisture in your home. Insulation is a non-combustible which decreases the speed in which fire will travel through your house if there was to be one.

The Key Benefits of Insulation

  • Helps reduce your greenhouse gas emissions – helping you do your part against global warming.
  • Saves you money by reducing your energy usage – therefore giving you smaller electricity bills.
  • Makes your home a comfortable temperature – even without air conditioning or heating.
  • Reduces moisture – therefore reduces mould growth throughout your home.

With most buildings and constructions having to adhere to an Energy Star Rating of 6, insulation is almost always included in new building practices.

Why Choose Hats for Houses for Your Insulation?

We can assist you in everything you need to know about insulation for homes in QLD. We also cater to business and industrial buildings. With decades of experience in the roofing industry, our tradesmen have a large knowledge base and offer great workmanship, making sure you get value for your money. As a company, we are a preferred roofing company to many builders and can confidently say that we can be trusted to meet all requirements.

We Choose the Best Insulation for Your Circumstances

We use a wide range of ceiling insulation from sisilation to 60mm permastop blanket, all from quality manufacturers and backed by a solid warranty. We choose the insulation solution best suited to your climate and conditions. We have sound knowledge of best practice and best products and use this experience to give you the very best result possible.

With decades of industry knowledge, at Hats for Houses we recognise the growing climate concerns in Queensland and the benefits of house insulation systems on the environment and on your home. Based in Woodford and servicing Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Chinchilla & Somerset we have been providing insulation for homes in QLD, backing our work with a 5 year faulty workmanship warranty. We focus on providing you with a thorough job that is going to last, guaranteeing value for money and quality workmanship.

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