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How much does a new roof cost?

6th March, 2017

We know that the biggest questions people have when they call us for a roof is indeed how much is a new roof ?

It would be so nice to easily answer this question, but there are important reasons why it would be rare to get a straight answer from any roofing company. We’ll quickly explain why.

Your house is unique

Every single roofing job is different in many ways; size, location, scope of work, materials needed, engineering requirements and more. So you should be very wary of any company giving you a set price. We’ll quickly discuss some of the main factors which will affect the final price you can expect to pay

1 – Choice of roof material

NOTE: we do not install new roofs with tiles and other old-style roofing materials for any of our jobs, so the discussion below will only be about modern metal roofing products.


Colorbond is so popular most people don’t realise it’s a brand name of a steel roofing product.

It’s wide appeal and reputation for quality has made it one of the world’s most popular roofing materials. In addition to quality they’ve ensured that the product range is available in a wide range of designer colours and profiles which we’ll look at more closely below.

Most people don’t realise however that a lot of cheaper roofing quotes may not specify the brand of material. In these cases you could be given a lower quality brand (typically Chinese imports) which will cost the roofing company less per square meter, hence the lower priced quote.

Without getting too technical about manufacturing processes, Colorbond touts their 5 layer process as being superior. You can read more about that here. You should always check and get it in writing, which brand of material you are being quoted if you are unsure. The issue with lower quality products is their longevity and structural qualities can be compromised. This can massively reduce the time before your roof needs to be replaced again or repaired. If your budget allows, we always recommend you consider the higher quality sheet material which can end up being cheaper in the long run anyway as you will spend less money repairing or replacing the roof.

Product choice/finish

Apart from obvious color choices there are some other product options available depending on the final look and feel you are going for.

Often people will want to replace their gutters, soffit and downpipes at the same time in order to match the new roof. It’s best to ask your roofer which product options and fitting’s they’d recommend you use depending on the style or function you are after.

If we’re talking about patios and other open roofed areas you might want to consider exposed support beams, lights, fans, skylights and other options to give the underside of the roof a polished look.


This will often be one of your biggest costs due to the cost of specialised labor.

Existing roof removal

Unless you’re building a new house, the existing roof will need to be removed. This can be a complex procedure depending on the material on top and what’s below. The presence of asbestos can significantly add to the final cost of installation.

Often when we remove the old roof we find that the support structure below and/or insulation can be damaged and need replacing. If this is the case, you sometimes need to get an engineer’s expertise which again, can add to the final cost.

A simple ‘skillion’ roof will be cheaper than complex structural roofs with multiple slopes and faces.

Access to the house and location

Houses in remote locations will often increase the cost of the job because everyone has to travel further away and this adds to the overall time that needs to be spent on the job. Check the service area of the roofing company first to avoid disappointment.

Inner city roofs can be sometimes harder to access due to their close proximity to other buildings and structures. This may precipitate the need for specialised equipment to complete the job such as cranes and additional scaffolding. Suburban and country roofs are generally easier to access due to the space around the sides of the house.

Engineering, safety and regulations

Most people don’t realise that there are building codes and regulations which every roofing company has to abide by. Sometimes, permits may need to be applied for and gained before certain work can commence. This can add to the cost and delay the project.


Some companies may be more flexible on the final quote if you pay up front or in cash. Other people prefer to pay in installments so as to spread the full cost over the life of the project. Other people will seek finance for the job and this is an option we also provide.

Get an accurate quote for your roof now


This information will help

Here are a few quick tips from us to ensure your quoting process gets completed as quickly and easily as possible:

  • Have a time frame in mind for your project (Straight away, within 1 month, within 3 months etc)
  • Know what it is that you are wanting from us – We have information on all of our metal roof services for you to browse through HERE.
  • Have a budget in mind – this will help us recommend the right products for you. If you are after the cheapest option possible we can cater to that…but only if we know!
  • Tell us about any other quotes you have had and what you were happy and unhappy about within that offer – this can help us cater to your needs more effectively

Our Payment Options

As for payments, we have different options to make it easier for you pay for your new project. Click HERE to learn more about what payment options we offer or ask us about it when you call for your quote. We also do offer loyalty discounts to our regular customers as we realise these types of projects are not cheap – and if you are wanting more than one done you will probably very much appreciate a little looking after!

We realise the price of such a huge project is very important in the decision making process of who to get to do your roof. This is why we try our hardest to make the process of receiving a price as simple as possible.


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