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Most popular patio and pergola styles in 2017

9th June, 2017

The Latest in Outdoor Patio Design

Communion with nature is part of the Australian way of life. Don’t be shy; let the outdoors in. Bridge the gap between your interior and exterior activities by investing in a patio.

No idea where to start? Let us help you filter through the wide selection of styles and accessories that are currently on offer for the modern homeowner. Here’s a brief guide to getting all the fresh air you need without ever leaving home.

First, let us introduce…

The Standard

Meet the “little black dress” of home exteriors. Its design may be simple, but its benefits are enormous. A sturdy, pillared structure with a strong roof attached to your home will most likely never go to waste—particularly if you live in a consistently pleasant climate such as Queensland. Plus, a standard, flat-roofed patio can be dressed up or down to accommodate a multitude of pastimes, from relaxing by the pool, to enjoying a quiet read, a friendly barbeque or a large party. Basic rectangular designs like the Stratco Outback® Flat Roof model are uniquely calibrated to keep the less friendly elements out and support maximum comfort within.

Flyover Variation of the standard

A flyover extends on top of your existing roof edge to allow cool breezes to flow down over the roof and into your area. By extending it back far enough you can limit any potential rain blowing in also.

“Flat” not your cup of tea? You may want to investigate…

Lines & Curves

A standard patio is a tried and true option for homeowners, but who says patios have to be entirely flat? If you’re in the mood for something that goes beyond two dimensions, today’s exterior roof structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Take, for instance, the curved roof, which can exist by itself or be supplemented with flat-roofed units for an expansive, multi-layered look. An ideal addition to a contemporary home, this arched, flowing style raises your patio ceiling and allows you to enjoy a greater sense of the open air.

Similarly, the slightly more conservative lines of a conventional, gable-styled roof can also be in incorporated into your outdoor design. This type of patio can likewise be paired with other flat-roofed units, but, unlike its curved counterpart, the gabled patio can be mated with a “hip” or gazebo end for extra elegance, and its perfect lines are a nice complement to most homes. Oh, and did we mention traditional glamour never gets old? Gables are going anywhere.

Still on the proverbial fence about installing an outdoor roof over your head? Allow us to present…

The Pergola

Take a quick perusal of outdoor patio options on any major contracting website and you’re bound to come across the word “pergola.” While it may sound like an upscale, Euro-trendy version of a standard patio, a pergola actually has a distinguishing feature that sets it apart: it has no roof.
An outdoor enclosure without the actual enclosure. Seems counter-intuitive, no? But don’t write the pergola off just yet. It’s fast becoming one of the most sought-after additions to the modern home and, though it usually employs strategically spaced horizontal beams in place of a roof, the pergola can be fitted with cloth awnings or modified to maximise shade. Even more exciting for the amateur designers among us, the pergola almost begs to be accessorised. For a softer look, try draping translucent curtains over the sides or cultivating a lived-in feel by allowing wild vines to weave their way around the beams. A recent RenoGuide feature entitled “50 Awesome Pergola Design Ideas” also recommends stringing lights across your pergola for added charm.
Curious as to how pergolas and their patio cousins are constructed? Let’s visit the place where…

Wood Meets Steel

Steel has all but revolutionised the patio game. Its tremendous strength can streamline your chosen outdoor structure (think fewer supportive pillars) and it’s more or less impervious to wind and weather and won’t need paint touchups or rigorous cleaning. Many pre-fab patio/verandah units are made of steel simply for the convenience it provides.

Still, what if you can’t do without an old-world aesthetic? What if you’re a fan of timber? What if your home simply doesn’t go with steel? We get it. Wooden exteriors will always be en vogue, if only because our natural environment is a wooded world. The good news? If you feel your patio needs a few wooden accents, you don’t have to resist the temptation to add a touch of timber. Designers are definitely mixing and matching their media when it comes to outside living. Hats for Houses even offers a dual installation package for a timber deck/patio combination that blends wooden decking and steel roofing. If you’re having trouble deciding between the sleekness of steal and the warmth of wood, why not choose both?

If, after reading all of the above, you think you’ve reached a decision on whether or not to build a patio, don’t forget the…

Added Amenities

Last, but most emphatically not least, come the finishing touches. Once they’ve chosen their preferred patio framework, contemporary homeowners are making it a point to furnish their outdoor living space with a host of sophisticated features. These amenities are tailored to the singular specifications of the residents and have been created to help promote the characteristic feeling of tranquility we’ve collectively come to associate with the patio lifestyle. If you’re in the process of designing an outdoor structure yourself, try some of these extras on for size:


A rainbow of pigments can be applied to all aspects of your patio from top to bottom. Cladding, framework, pergola beams and the like can all be tinted according to your taste. We at Hats for Houses like soothing colours that remind us of our natural environment such as muted greens, taupes and blues (selections of which are available as part of the Stratco Outback® line). If you’re going the custom-made route, however, the sky’s the limit. Be as vibrant or as laid back as you wish.

Blinds and Shading

Fortify yourself against summer sun and winter wind with any number of awnings, blinds and shades for sale on the current market. Pre-fabricated units may even include an option to have state-of-the-art blind panels installed (top-range panels are specially engineered to block out sun and shelter you from pests).

Adaptable Roofing

Take on the role of Mother Nature and bend the elements to your will. Okay, we’re not entirely serious. But you can certainly modify your environment with the help of customized roofing materials like Cooldek® insulation (to protect against heat) or remote-control sunroof paneling (to control the shade, divert the breeze or keep out the rain).

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