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Skylights and Wind Ventilators

Whether you’re building a new home or completing a roof restoration, it’s a great time to think about installing a roof skylight & wind ventilator.

Skylight and Wind Ventilator Experts

Hats 4 Houses are a trusted metal roofing company who specialise in skylights and wind ventilators. We have been providing South East Queensland, including Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Somerset and Chinchilla with quality and professional installations for residential, commercial and industrial roofing requirements for decades.

We use superior materials provided by top-end manufacturers and promise a 5 year warranty against faulty workmanship, offering you peace of mind and value for your money.


Roof skylights are a great way to brighten up a dull, dark room without having to flick the light switch and add onto that ever increasing electricity bill. There is no better light source than allowing the sun into a room and natural sunlight makes a huge difference to how a room looks and feels. In fact, a skylight emits eight times more light into a room than an ordinary window.

Commercial buildings, office spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, lounge-rooms and windowless rooms all profit from having the natural light and warmth the sun brings. Sunlight has been proven to improve mood; adding a skylight will make your home or building a much more pleasant environment to live and work in.

Types of Skylights

If you’re considering installing a skylight to a room in your commercial or residential property, Hats 4 Houses can assist you with everything you need, providing a skylight that will suit your specific requirements.

We will install the right skylight for your situation, bringing natural light into your home – adding to the aesthetics of your room and significantly reducing your power bills! There are a number of different skylights available featuring different designs, materials and components, but there are five skylights Hats 4 Houses usually recommends:

Dome Skylights are primarily designed to allow maximum natural light into a room and offer the option of ventilation. They come in robust and weather proof designs which are all relatively easy to maintain and install.

Vented Skylights are ideal for bathrooms and toilets with the main advantage being they allow a steady flow of air through a room, as well as getting rid of extra moisture and providing direct sunlight. Ventilated skylights are also great for commercial purposes. The dome is weatherproof and mounted to a prefabricated base and allows maximum airflow through the louvre.

Skylight Tube which are typically know as tubular skylights, are largely intended for hallways, smaller rooms or cupboards where there is little or no source of natural light, or where a normal dome skylight may not fit. They come with the option of ventilation also.

Wind Ventilation Systems

Equally as important as a good skylight, is a wind ventilation system, which assists in maintaining a healthy home with fresh air flow. Hats 4 Houses also specialize in installing ventilation and whirly bird systems. A good ventilation system will assist in removing moisture and hot air and will promote air flow in your home or building all year round. To find out about wind ventilators for your home or commercial building give Hats 4 Houses a call. We will be happy to help you determine the right solution for your needs.

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