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Stratco Ambient Blinds

When the summer months hit and everyone is looking for somewhere cool to hide from the heat, a regular patio can feel like a sauna, and even the most hardy Aussie’s begin to ask the question: ‘how do I cool my patio down’? One way to keep your patio cool throughout those hot summer days is to install the innovative Stratco Ambient Blinds to the space.

Innovative Screening Solution

The Stratco Ambient Patio Blinds are designed specifically for outdoor spaces such as patio’s, decks, pergolas, verandas and balconies, offering superior protection from all the elements, and insects that bite and itch. As a durable alternative to the traditional roller shutters and awnings, Stratco Ambient Blinds create a cocoon of cool where the whole family can escape during those summer months.

Engineering Style and Ease

The Stratco engineering prowess lends its superior craftsmanship to create Ambient Blinds with hidden interlocking parts and self-aligning side channels that are an answer to traditional screening solutions that often don’t make the connections. With both residential and commercial applications available, Stratco Ambient Blinds have a variety of options that are adaptable to suit the individual requirements of the property. These can include the option of an enclosed box, a variety of colours to suit existing décor and various control methods.

Protection and Climate Control

The durable material of the Stratco Ambient Blinds creates patio shade, allowing for advanced protection from UV rays and weather events, while offering privacy from the outside world. Available in a variety of external fabrics, to control the level of visibility, they can also incorporate a total black-out option if required. An innovative solution for cooling down any home or business, they will reduce cooling costs to the property while providing a superior system for home cooling management solutions. Used in combination with an insulated patio ceiling such as the Stratco Cooldek system delivers a considerable reduction in household cooling costs, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the home.

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