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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of this work order indicates your agreement with Hats 4 Houses Terms & Conditions as outlined below. Submissions of all invoices are Fridays and payment is 14 days. Acceptance also indicates that all facets of the Period Trade Contract signed and held on file by Hats 4 Houses will be honoured.

Any refusal to return to site for faulty workmanship or failure to complete listed work order requirements will result in either: an invoice issued to said sub contractor for other parties to carry out works, or back charge adjustment to this work order prior to payment.

Any Invoice will not be remitted until such time any rectifications if identified are completed and signed off by Hats 4 Houses.

By prior agreement between Hats 4 Houses and sub contractor, a draw may be accepted on case by case basis.

Lead or Graphite pencils are not to be used on roofing under any circumstances; this will create a defect as per Hats 4 Houses agreements with Hats 4 Houses clientele.

Hats 4 Houses has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding smoking on site.

Hats 4 Houses has a ZERO tolerance policy to personal rubbish i.e. food and related items being left within the scrap area or on site in its entirety. Removal from site or permission from owner to utilise garbage bins are the only two options Hats 4 Houses will accept.

Sub contractors and crew members are expected to represent Hats 4 Houses and themself in a professional and polite manner to all customers.

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