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The Importance of Roof Maintenance

9th June, 2016

Metal Roofing is extremely low maintenance compared to other roofing types, however there are still a few steps you can take to ensure you get the absolute most time out of your metal roof. It is easy to let the annoying jobs involved in roof maintenance fall to the bottom of your list when life gets busy. Also when you have been told that your roofing type is low maintenance, it may not seem important. The thing is though, a metal roof will only last you such a long time and not need unnecessary repairs if you look after it. We have put together a few tips to help you make sure your metal roof is in the best condition for as long as possible.

Clear debris from gutters

Checking your gutters is an integral part of maintaining your roof. When debris is sitting in your gutters it may be trapping moisture from rain which prevents your roof from drying out.  If you leave this wet debris sitting in your gutter for too long, it can cause damage to your metal roof.  Ignoring this long enough can cause corrosion and rust on a roof that would otherwise last 30 years or more. Clearing your gutters should be done about twice a year, however be aware if there are a large amount of trees surrounding your roof this could be required more often.

Overhanging trees

Not only will overhanging trees force you to need to clear your gutters more often, moisture can also drip from the trees onto the roof which is another thing that prevents the roof from staying as dry as it is designed to. Branches from overhanging trees can also brush against the roof and sometimes loosen or damage parts of the roof.

Rust causing items

It is important to make sure there are no items touching parts of your roof where it could cause rust or corrosion. The main cause of rust on roofing is leaves and dirt that have been left for too long.

Get inspected

Every few years we suggest you get us to come out and inspect your roof to ensure it is still in good condition. In this inspection we will:

  • Report on the condition of the roof and any issues present (rust, holes, lifted sheets)
  • Report on any storm related damage (hail, wind, rain, fallen trees etc)
  • Quote you on any repairs that need to be done

A roof is an expensive venture, so that is why it is so important to do whatever you can to make it stay in its best condition for as long as possible. If you are in the process of choosing which kind of roof to get on your house, we highly recommend considering metal roofing as this list of maintenance jobs can be much longer depending on the type of roof you choose.

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